Riverboat Leipzig Karl-Heine-Kanal - Erich-Zeigner-Allee Leipzig
The   MDR   had   the   desire   to   find   a   new   home   for   the   traditional   talkshow Riverboat in Leipzig. Together   with   the   investor   Rene'Gauglitz,   who   had   a   piece   of   land   on   the Karl-Heine-Kanal,    a    connection    bridge    to    the    White    Elster,    the    Leipzig architect   Manfred   Denda   developed   the   project   on   an   old   railway   bridge that led across the canal and belonged to the property. On   this   old   bridge,   only   3.70m   wide   and   ca.18.0m   long,   the   new   MDR venue   was   developed   as   a   new   entertainment   project,   which   became   a symbol   for   the   district   in   Leipzig-Plagwitz.   Now   the   object   has   a   length   of 38m   and   about   13m   width.   The   old   bridge   was   used   in   an   interesting constructive-static way. The   modern   TV   studio   had   to   meet   a   wide   range   of   requirements:   115 seats,   excellent   acoustic   and   climatic   conditions   as   well   as   integration   into a   residential   area   and   the   possibility   of   various   cultural   events   from   the Variete.   There   were   also   planned   in   addiction   to   the   Riverboat   a   boat harbor,   restaurant,   beer   garden.   The   revitalized   Leipzig   river   landscape was further enhanced in a remarkable way. The   authorities   had   a   remarkable   case   in   their   building   approval   practice to   solve.   In   the   meantime,   the   object   has   proved   itself   again   and   again   and has   become   the   corporate   identity   of   the   success   story   of   the   "Riverboat". The      predominantly      Saxon      craftsmen      have      realized      the      modern interpretation   of   origin,   tradition,   usage   and   integration   into   a   sensitive environment.    Various    maritime    associations    of    the    wood    and    metal cladding,   form,   location,   arrangement   of   the   stairs,   bridges   and   masts,   also design   elements   inside   the   Leipzig   landscape,   which   stands   for   tradition and modernity. Since    2013    the    RIVERBOAT    has    been    used    by    the    Kulturhafen    on Riverboat GmbH & Co. KG / Music School MUSIFA.
numbers and facts -   customer: Rene´Gauglitz -   realization planning and construction period: 2003 -   general tenant:  Central German radio Entertainment talkshow "Riverboat" of the MDR, broadcasting time: every 14 days -   further uses: use as a riverboat stage for shows, variety, cabaret, chansons, company events, broadcasts, coffees, etc. -   additional functions in the grounds:  river boat harbor,      boat dock,      restaurant, bar, beer garden -   general planning: DENDA ARCHITECTS  
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