Hotel INNSIDE Leipzig Leipziger Ring - Dittrichring 11 | Gottschedstraße 1
Next   to   the   world-famous   Thomaskirche,   where   Johann-Sebastian   Bach worked   for   almost   30   years,   a   new   urban   city   quarter   will   be   created, initiated by the project developer KSW. The   INNSIDE   by   MELIA   is   a   4   star   hotel   with   177   rooms,   bar,   meeting   and congress area, spa and 2 independent restaurants. In    the    neighborhood    of    the    market    square    with    the    old    town    hall, Thomaskirche and the river Pleiße this modern hotel is being built. The   Lord   Mayor   of   Leipzig,   B.   Jung,   said   in   the   autumn   of   2014,   "A   lot   of history   we   can   find   at   this   place".   Only   the   façades   of   1871   and   the   front supplement   to   the   Dittrichring   of   1926   remain   from   the   Palais   Cosmos- Messehaus.   The   façade   is   being   rebuilt   at   the   second   palace,   designed   by the   Leipzig   star   architect   Arwed   Roßbach   in   the   neo-Renaissance   style   of 1871.   Behind   the   façades,   a   classic,   modern   hotel   structure   with   a   big patio   is   created,   which   bring   the   light   into   the   rooms.   Both   palais   are individuality and have an integrative connection in a new ensemble. The   individuality   of   the   palaisand   the   integrative   connection   in   the   new ensemble   are   visible.   The   caesura   between   the   buildings   as   well   the   new glass   roof   landscape   with   restaurants   and   bars   promise   fascinating   views of the Thomaskirche and the city. With   the   new   complete   set,   also   with   a   new   silhouette,   a   balance   to   the grid    of    Commerzbank    is    created    and    the    harmony    of    the    architectural visions   next   to   the   Thomaskirche.   The   creative   advancement   or   the   new creation   by   DENDA-ARCHITECTS   was   carried   out   in   close   consultation with the authorities in the sense of a critical reconstruction.    The   Melia-Ensemble   will   comprise   8   floors   with   an   underground,   ground floor   and   6   upper   floors.   There   are   31   parking   spaces   in   the   underground car      park.      The      main      entrance      with      the      hotel      entrance      is      via Gottschedstraße.   The   historic   facades   and   the   planned   modern   minimalist design   in   the   interiors,   hotel   rooms,   lobby,   restaurants,   bars,   atrium   create a   combination   of   history   and   modernity,   which   gives   the   luxurious   hotel and the restaurants a special charm. The    start    for    this    project    was    in    September    2014,    and    the    hotel    was completed   on   1   September   2016.   The   peculiarities   and   difficulties   were   the integration   of   the   remaining   facades   and   building   parts,   the   realization   on the   river   bank   of   the   Pleiße   as   well   as   in   the   cramped   conditions   of   the   site, limited by main roads, existing buildings and the river.
numbers and facts -   the new four-star superior INNSIDE by Melia opened in September      2016 -   the hotel has 177 modern rooms -   excellent location right in the city center and next to the Thomaskirche -   modern interior in a historic facade -   Palais Kosmos and Palais Schlobach with restoration of the     Rossbachfassade -   businesshotel with 3 meeting rooms and a maximum capacity of 180     persons -   fitness center with saunas in modern equipment -   underground car park with 31 parking spaces -   restaurant and bars on the ground floor -   roof restaurant, skybar with roof terrace -   realization: 2013-2016 -   13,100 m² gross floor area -   client: KSW GmbH & Co. KG Leipzig -   operator: Innside by Melia -   interior design: Alvaro Sans / Proffetional -   general planning architecture: DENDA ARCHITECTS  
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